Hi, my name is

Phill Ryu

. I design products.

My Dream App

was my first major venture and public spectacle. It was an app idea contest modeled off of American Idol and it crashed and burned spectacularly in its final stage. Out of its flames came


, an early experiment in group software buying that quickly grew into a multi-million dollar sales channel for featured indie apps.

Soon after Apple debuted the iPhone and everything changed. I produced the trailblazing ebook app


, joined

tap tap tap

to help rapidly build it into a powerhouse app studio, and rebooted MacHeist for iPhone with

The Heist

, my first game and a #1 App Store hit in 44 countries.

I am busy now working on a project at a new studio,


, which I co-founded with my friend David Lanham in the summer of 2011. But in the meantime, check out


, a beautiful todo app we helped design for our friends at Realmac Software.

The future is wild.

Stay in touch.